About us



We envision a deeply and strategically integrated business environment where companies, organizations, project teams and individuals are able to leverage external competencies, technologies and resources not only in order to develop, build and produce products and services but in order to do it better and faster than they could have done on their own.

Our values

  • Quality: we believe that quality is the value criteria for achieving above-average success in outsourcing and partnering. Choices which put quality first produce better and more effective outcomes therefore delivering higher efficiencies.
  • Respect: to succeed and thrive in this multi-dimensional and rewarding environment, companies and individuals must come with respect for different perspectives, experiences, processes and cultures.
  • Responsibilty: responsibility in outsourcing never moves away from the sponsoring company; it only increases to include partners.


  • Increase the awareness of the enormous business possibilities that outsourcing can give to Danish companies;
  • Make these companies prepared for operating in such a complex and rewarding environment by helping them to develop tools, processes and internal environments which enable them to better control the process and therefore better able to obtain positive results;
  • Ensure that outsourcing strategies are in-line with the companies’ business strategies.

Are you struggling with this?

Outsourcing has been based on an operational need only:Project-by-Project basis

Need for strategy, alignment and scaling plan
Developing resources in Ukraine which must be integrated into the project teams run in Denmark
Lack of understanding of value derived from portfolio of outsourcing partners

Weak ability to pinpoint issues
Decision made to increase outsourcing but how and what are unclear
Internal ability to master all product components has decreased as product complexity has increased

We would suggest the following


Outsourcing strategy building & alignament
5 engagement days
One-team integration process
11 engagement days spread over 6 months
Criteria & evaluation process
7 engagement days
Outsourcing opportunities, targets & priorities assessments
7 engagement days
Strategic co-creation program
8 engagement days