Outsourcing and Offshoring: Making decisions and defining scope

January 15, 2014

TON (The Outsourcing/Offshoring Network) meets again on January 23 for our first of six programs in 2014.

The overall theme of the day is “Making Decisions and Defining Scope in Outsourcing and Offshoring”

Some of the sessions currently planned for the day are:

  • Tonny Rabjerg, General Manager, Danske-IT (Danske Bank’s Indian subsidiary): “Establishing and operating Danske Bank’s Indian subsidiary, Danske IT”
  • Jens Klæbel, First VP, Group IT, Danske Bank: “Raising productivity in Danske Bank’s staff augmentation sourcing set-up
  • Henrik Mattiasen, Inspirator, Qu-Ex: “Building a work (team/department) culture that enables responsibility and good decision-making”
  • Henrik Stefansen, Senior Director, Global IT Sourcing, Vestas: “A 10-month sourcing project done in 10 weeks-Outsourcing data center services–Does it really have to take 9-12 months to run an outsourcing decision-making project?”
  • Claus Hagan, CIO, COWI: “COWI’s governance model within IT strategy ensures continuous monitoring and improvement of activities and processes–The sourcing principles guide sourcing model decisions; and the BPM set-up ensures business ownership”

To learn more about TON, please contact Katie Gove at kg@trellis.dk.