TON (The Outsourcing Network) has a great 1st half of 2014

June 26, 2014
During the first half of 2014, we’ve had terrific programs covering risk, governance, models, hidden costs of outsourcing, measurements, productivity and strategy formulation.  We are thrilled that the feedback on the programs has been so strong.  Thanks to all of our contributors and members.
We are glad also that we’ve had a chance to experiment with the webinar format this Spring. In all, we conducted four webinars:
We are looking forward to the second half of 2014 and are already well into developing the programs. We’ll meet on August 28 at ISS. The program theme is “Transformations”.
Our member group is growing and currently includes Xellia Pharmaceuticals, Novozymes, Danske Bank, FLSmidth Airtech, GN/Jabra, Vestas, LEO Pharma, Arla, Ferring, COWI, Danish Crown, IO Interactive, ISS, LEGO, and Lundbeck. We have a few open conversations and expect to add a name or two to our group by our next program.