TON Program: September 10, 2015

March 25, 2015

Cultural challenges in outsourcing and offshoring

  • Perspective from other cultures working with Denmark—The view from the outside….
  • Cross-cultural working
  • Organizational structures and decision making
  • The human side of outsourcing
  • The psychology of outsourcing
  • Inter-regional cooperation.

Host: FLSmidth Airtech


TON is a cross-industry and cross-functional private network focused on outsourcing and offshoring. Our purpose in TON is to focus on the tools, processes and structures that support working across organizations. We’re not looking at specific technical solutions although it is sometimes relevant to describe these to some extent to get an idea of how the whole fits together. As different industries and functions have different approaches to this work, we’re hoping that sharing that kind of information will help and inspire all of us. We meet six times a year (five full-day programs and one social occasion).


Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and Danmarks Teknisk Universtitet (DTU) are on our Academic Advisory Board and are actively committed to our network. Our members currently include: FOSS, DSB, LEGO, Novozymes, ISS, Vestas, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Arla, Danish Crown, LEO, Danske Bank, Carlsberg, GN, IO Interactive, Xellia Pharmaceuticals, FLSAirtech, and COWI.


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