TON programs through to summer 2016 announced

April 7, 2015

TON Programming Highlights for 2015-2016 (all are subject to further polishing or change):


Next TON program: May 28, 2015: The Learning Curve

  • Capacity to absorb change, learnings, new processes, failing forward, learning how to exit.
  • Member contributions regarding their own learning curves: workshop format.
  • FLSA to give a multi-perspective view on their experiences in India. More.

Host: DTU Executive School of Business


September 10, 2015: Cultural challenges in outsourcing and offshoring

  • Perspective from other cultures working with Denmark—The view from the outside….
  • Cross-cultural working; Organizational structures and decision making; the human side of outsourcing; the psychology of outsourcing; Inter-regional cooperation.

Host: FLSA


November 5, 2015: Decision-making and risk

  • An update from Vestas on the status of outsourcing implementation based on the profoundly reduced/re-aligned decision-making process from late 2013.
  • Organizational structures and decision-making; stakeholder communication and alignment for good decision-making.
  • Thomas Gustinis, Lead Partner, Risk Management & Regulatory Practices, Trestle Group, Zurich. Former COO UBS, Treasury Group: Lead front and back office process consolidation along with developing and implementing the shared services strategy. Risk assessment and management.

Host: Vestas in Aarhus

NOTE: There will be a social occasion held immediately after the TON program J


January 21, 2016: Frameworks & Tools part I AND Vendor management

  • Ronan Mcivor, Professor, University of Ulster,  The Outsourcing Process: (a 2-part series to be done in 2 half-days).
  • Vendor management: Organizations and governance mechanisms that produce better outcomes; Service providers and trust; Integrating and coordinating in an ambiguous environment.

Host: Danske Bank


March 17, 2016: Frameworks & Tools part II AND The impact of outsourcing on brand management

  • Ronan Mcivor, The Outsourcing Process: (a 2-part series to be done in 2 half-days).
    • Building and protecting your company’s brand while leveraging the extended value chain; Leveraging the CSR/sustainability investment; Exposure/liability; Risk; Security, IP protection.

Host: LEO Pharma


May 26, 2016: Innovation

  • Vendors’ capacity for innovation; Co-development; R&D; Access to niche skills and technology; IP protection; Role of distance in manufacturing and R&D; How to write a contract for innovation; Innovation in process and/or service delivery.

Host: DTU Executive School of Business