IT sourcing strategy and the maturity journey: TON November 5

September 9, 2015

Highlights for our upcoming TON program on November 5.

  • Vestas’ strategic paradigm change: From Plan-Build-Run to Plan-Manage. The strategic drivers changing sourcing’s role in business transformation

–Torben Bonde, CIO, Vestas

  • Challenge session: Implementing a multi-vendor set-up without jeaopardizing existing vendor relationships: Creating an open, yet competitive environment

–Eugene Pottenger, CIO Support, Vestas

  • Challenge session: Organizing & collaborating across service management, delivery management and vendor & contract management

–Steen Bech Jensen, Head Sourcing Execution, Vestas

  • Vendor-management tools: Enabling increasing maturity & reallocating staff to higher value tasks

–Henrik Krarup Stefansen, Senior Director, Global IT Outsourcing, Vestas

  • 2 years in: Vestas’ large-scale infrastructure outsourcing decision. The transition is over. Now what?

–Henrik Krarup Stefansen, Senior Director, Global IT Outsourcing, Vestas

  • Short tour of Nacelles Virtual Reality Center
  • Dinner event (details to follow)

Please contact Katie Gove at should you wish to hear more about the TON network.