The Outsourcing/Offshoring Network (TON)’s September 8 Program at LEGO — Program Details

June 23, 2016

Our theme for the TON program being held at LEGO on September 8 will be “Trial & Error and Course Correction.” We’ll use the day to look at how we have both learned from our mistakes as well as experimented/piloted as we work our way through to better results with outsourcing and offshoring.


On the agenda, we’ll have input from Allan Lykke Christensen from LEGO’s CMA group and Britta Ponti from LEGO’s IT Group. Allan and Britta will share their organizations’ learnings with outsourcing and offshoring. Carsten Brinch Larsen from CMA will facilitate a LEGO Serious Play session where we’ll all get a chance to share our own “journeys” in outsourcing and/or offshoring. We’ll end the program with a panel discussion. Currently, Lotte Astrup Frandsen from Xellia and Kalvin Lyle from IO Interactive are panelists.


We’ll swing by the LEGO Museum and get a quick look at the LEGO House prior to heading to our social event scheduled for the evening.


TON is Denmark’s only cross-industry, cross-functional network working with outsourcing and offshoring. We are a network of client organizations and the network is vendor-free. If you are interested in finding out more, take a look here or contact Katie Gove at