Transformational Outsourcing: TON Program for November 10 at GN

October 25, 2016
We are really looking forward to out next TON program which is being held at GN on November 10.
The program which will look at transformational outsourcing and offshoring includes:
  • Jeffrey Saunders, Director, Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies presenting and leading a group discussion on “mesh sourcing.” The Center has been doing some really interesting research into this kind of deeply interdependent sourcing (typically with product development and/or R&D).
  • A session on The Modular Organization by Lydia Bals, University of Applied Sciences Mainz.
  • A look at how GN’s own development process was affected by outsourcing, specifically by being pressed to codify and specify in a way that can be shared across organizations. Claus Holm, Director R&D Management Office, will discuss how GN’s work with outsourcing has both forced and enabled the organization to set new standards for project governance, documentation and empowerment of internal and external resources.
  • Insight from Kenneth Pilgaard, Manager-Design for Value, GN on how cost structures have been transformed through working with Design for Value and supplier engagement.
  • And ample time for us to discuss our own experiences and ambitions with transformational outsourcing and offshoring.

TON is a private network of client organizations and academic institutions. We meet five times a year. For more information, take a look here or contact Katie Gove at