TON on May 18 at Danske Bank: Striking a Balance Between Commitment and Flexibility

May 17, 2017

Our final program for the TON program at Danske Bank on May 18, 2017:

The day starts at 9.00 with a bit of networking. The program will start at 9.30 and run t0 16.00, as usual.

Our sessions include:

  • Bent Petersen, Professor, CBS, will manage the Red Thread for the day and will come with insight from the academic literature on the topic, e.g. that when the surrounding market is more volatile, research says that companies must work more flexibly to obtain good results; as well as some research on how Swedish MNCs (namely Volvo, Astra Zeneca etc.) strike this balance with their suppliers.
  • Lone Green Arnholz, Head of Vendor Management, IT, Danske Bank, will give us insight into vendor management at Danske Bank along with their experience striking a balance between commitment and flexibility.
  • Jan Baungaard, Vice President, Development Director, Mobile Ecosystems, Danske Bank will discuss Danske Banks’ work in MobilePay and MobileLife.
  • Cristina Sima, Associate Manager, Diabetes Finished Products, Finance, Novo Nordisk, will discuss a few challenges they have encountered on their journey to properly leverage their Global Service Center in Bangalore.
  • A short workshop, facilitated by Lotte Astrup, Frmr Director, PMO, Xellia Pharmaceuticals, on “dosing” control and trust in relationships with our suppliers.

If you’d like to join or hear more about our network, contact Katie Gove at or take a look here.