The Challenges and Promises of “The New”: Outsourcing & Offshoring

June 21, 2017


We’ve had a terrific first half of 2017 with TON programs at FLSmidthMærsk and Danske Bank.


We’re looking forward to our next program which will be September 14 at CBS.


Our theme will be The Challenges and Promises of New Ways of Working, Innovation and Business Models: Offshoring and Outsourcing.


Our program will provide a platform to look at several models and technologies that offer a lot of promise in outsourcing/sourcing/offshoring but bring a host of challenges for successful implementation.


Our sessions thus far include:

  • Getting started with AI (artificial intelligence), Martin Börjesson, Partner,
    • Machine learning and artificial intelligence are barrelling down the highway of change even though we only just got the chance to introduce ourselves to robotic process automation. Organisations need to understand the ways in which this technology is developing and critically, how this technology might be utilised to achieve strategic business goals. Equally critical is how organisations should go about sourcing the necessary competencies both internally and externally to deliver successfully.
  • Open innovation in a B2B context, Wolfgang Sofka, Associate Professor, CBS
    • Wolfgang has done research into strategic partnering and enterprise level open innovation. It turns out that it’s not as easy to do successfully as many had thought. We’ll get a chance to hear about Wolfgang’s research and insight into how companies can increase the chances of success.
  • Challenge session: Working with multi sourcing models, Morten Kjærgaard, DSB
    • Morten will contribute interesting perspective on the challenges of working with new/forward thinking models, e.g. multi sourcing and various build-transfer-run-types. Many client organisations are challenged to align forward-looking visions to their organisational realities and operating structures. New models can bring risks while potentially exposing weaknesses. Morten will come with insight on a few challenges they have encountered as they have moved to implement a build-operate-transfer model in SIAM (Service Integration and Management).

For more information about TON and to sign up to participate, please contact Katie Gove at