TON: Globalisation is a two-way street

October 6, 2017

We are really looking forward to our upcoming TON program. It is being held on November 9 at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen.


Our theme for the day is: Globalisation is a two-way street–Leveraging outsourcing & offshoring to enable growth and open up markets


Our preliminary program includes:

  • The Danish Foreign Ministry: Danish business’ growth partner–Susanne Hyldelund, State Secretary for the Trade Council
    • Bringing valuable investments to Denmark–Lasse Grøn Christensen, Team Leader ICT-Invest in Denmark
    • Leveraging the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to open up markets & enable growth–Nabil Ali Jaloud, Global Industry Team Leader-Technology, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • Corporate innovation–Asbjørn Overgaard Christensen, Senior Advisor & Team Leader Innovation Centre Denmark
    • TechPlomacy: The world’s first tech ambassador–Casper Klynge, Tech Ambassador Denmark (video)
    • Enabling international growth through strategic alliances–Freya Katrine Petersen, Head of Key Accounts-Trade Council
  • Challenge session: Developing relevant and accessible market entry and growth services for the Danish business community expanding abroad–Nabil Ali Jaloud, Global Industry Team Leader-Technology, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • The role of boundary spanners in a global organisation: Collaborating successfully in an international endeavor–Thomas Tøth, Ph.D., SourceWise & External Lecturer CBS


Our day will include a deep-dive into the Foreign Ministry’s work supporting Danish business with several short sessions which will provide context for our group discussions and challenge session.


And, as usual, we will have ample time to network and discuss throughout the day.


If you would be interested in signing up for the day or hearing more about our TON network, please contact Katie Gove at