Big news for Trellis and TON: Katie Gove is heading to Gartner

December 18, 2017


Big news! I have been offered a job as Research Director at Gartner. I will be working in the Sourcing and Vendor Management Group where I will be conducting research and advising clients on sourcing strategies, vendor relationship management, and contracting. I start at Gartner on February 1, 2018.


I am thrilled that I will be part of a great organisation and that I will continue to work in this truly interesting field. And I am definitely thrilled that I will continue to work with so many of you in my new role at Gartner.



What does this mean for TON?

It is very important to me that our TON network continues to be of value to you and other client organisations in Denmark even if I am no longer a part of it. Therefore, I have put together a transition plan that will assure the continued success of our peer-learning network.


As it is critical to have institutional support to maintain and grow this kind of network, I have decided to bring in Gorrissen Federspiel and PwC to provide that support. I have worked with talented folks at both organisations and trust them unequivocally to foster these programs in the spirit of openness and inquiry that are touchstones of our peer-learning community. Joining TON from these organisations are Ole Horsfeldt, Partner, Gorrissen Federspiel; and Thomas Siersbæk Heller-Njor, Director-Strategy & Operations, PwC.


Ole and Thomas, and the organisations that they represent, are committed to respecting the nature and spirit of TON. They see their role as first and foremost the one that I have played since founding TON in 2012, that is, as facilitators of a network that enables peer-learning.


TON is instituting a Member Steering Committee. This committee will be the “voice” of the members, providing input and opinion to the institutional (and admin) support that will be provided by Gorrissen Federspiel and PwC.


TON’s Academic Advisory Board, comprised of CBS’ School of Management & Globalisation and DTU’s Executive School of Business, will continue to support our work helping us to bridge the academic and practitioner realms.



TON 2018 program notes

Our TON calendar continues unchanged for 2018

·       January 25, at Novo Nordisk — The day’s topic is The Rise of the GSC (Global Service Centre)

·       March 22 at Gorrissen Federspiel — The day’s topic is Contracting and Negotiation

·       May 24 (preferably in Jylland) – The day’s topic is Measurements and Contract Management

·       September 13 (TBD)

·       November 15 (TBD)



Making TON Tick

Going forward, representatives from three critical groups will provide direction for TON. This will include our institutional support (PwC and Gorrissen Federspiel), TON’s Academic Advisory Board, and our TON Member Steering Committee. This way, we will be able to ensure the future growth of TON while also making sure that the priorities of our member organisations come first.


Gorrissen Federspiel & PwC

Member Steering Committee

Academic Advisory Board


·       Network admin

·       Membership management

·       New member outreach

·       Orchestrating program development and planning

·       Digital tools, e.g. website, LinkedIn, DropBox shared folder etc.

·       3-5 active TON members

·       Opinion about TON

·       Provide input for program development e.g. topics/speakers

·       Provide input on network developments e.g. priorities

·       CBS SMG

·       DTU Executive School of Business

·       Manage the Red Thread/Circus Master modules—bridging academic and practitioner worlds

·       Regular contributions to programs with relevant research


We will gather these three groups in early 2018 to initiate this new model.


If you are interested in playing a role, or wish to hear more detail on this transition, please reach out to me.