Trellis’ outsourcing network set to launch August 30 at CBS

May 25, 2012

Trellis has assembled a great constellation of companies from across industries and functions that will participate together in an outsourcing network. We are holding our kick-off meeting on August 30 at CBS. Currently, our members include FLS Airtech, IO Interactive, Danske Bank, Danfoss, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Saxo Bank, Coloplast, ECCO and LEO Pharma. The organizational areas represented by this group include IT, procurement, vendor management, R&D, pharmaceutical manufacturing, contract management and manufacturing. We will meet six times a year for a full-days program each time. Our purpose is to create a forum for professionals whose responsibility it is to deliver excellence via outsourcing and offshoring. We focus on leveraging value via the external value chain. If this sounds interesting for you, contact Katie Gove at Trellis.

You can read more about The Outsourcing Network (TON) here.