TON (The Outsourcing Network): Actively growing value for our members

December 18, 2012

We held our most recent TON (The Outsourcing Network) group meeting on November 29 at Coloplast. Once more the outsourcing gang from Danish companies, including Carlsberg, Danfoss, Saxo Bank, LEO Pharma, Takeda (formerly Nycomed), Danske Bank, Ferring, FLS Airtech, IO Interactive, Damco, Coloplast, ECCO and GN got together to share experiences, hear about the challenges involved in delivering value across organizations and most importantly, discuss solutions for addressing them.

We held a cooperative working session on aligning and communicating outsourcing decisions in which we used one of GN’s current projects as our “guinea pig”. In our break-out groups, we took a detailed look the various stakeholders critical to this project by identifying their relevant success criteria and developing appropriately targeted messages about the outsourcing project. We will work on part II of this cooperative work at our January meeting. The focus at that work session will be on change management for outsourcing initiatives. Again, we will use GN’s project as our reference.

Peter Skyttegaard of PA Consulting came with a great presentation on the IT outsourcing journey that MærskLine has been on. Among the many things we learned were that outsourcing itself brought unanticipated benefits in that it forced MærskLine to improve internal processes and to develop previously weak vendor management competencies. Along with those insights, we also learned that trash collection in Copenhagen involves moving more units per year than that involved in MærskLine’s container shipping business. That is an interesting point that speaks to volume and complexities in business.

Peter Ørberg Jensen from CBS (Copenhagen Business School) contributed with an overview of the academic perspective on the boundaries of outsourcing, drawing our attention to the thinking behind core competency focus, the Hollowing-Out Risk, and the activity-based approach to outsourcing.

Jesper Kalenberg, VP of Procurement at Coloplast, gave us insight into the decision making process regarding sourcing that in one instance lead to outsourcing while in another, kept it in-house.

All together, it was a strong program grappling with the issue of where the boundaries for outsourcing lay along with communicating those decisions once they are made.

If you are not part of TON and would like to join our next group which will kick off in mid-2013 or just want to know more about it, check out The Outsourcing Network or contact Katie at