Positioning Bangladesh

December 18, 2012

Katie was invited by The International Trade Centre, a UN organization, to participate in several conferences in Bangladesh in early December: Positioning Bangladesh, Bangladesh Outsourcing Conference 2012 and Digital World 2012. Among the topics of interest were differentiation of outsourcing destinations, trends in IT outsourcing and growing the Bangladesh software industry. In the spirit of peer learning, Martin Labbé, NTFII Bangladesh project manager and SME adviser at the International Trade Centre; Mahfuzul Islam, Professor of Computer Science & Engineering, BUET; Mosharef Hossain, Director, Basis; Imtiaz Ilahi, Managing Director, Graphic People; and Manjur Mahmud, Director and COO, Datasoft Systems, all contributed to sharing their knowledge and experiences.The fundamental question that the panel tackled was how does the Bangladesh software industry go from small deals involving two developers to big deals involving hundreds; that is, how does the business grow from an average of five thousand USD per engagement to five million or more?