TON Program: Outsourcing–Change Management and Building Teams

February 5, 2013

We had a great day at our most recent TON network program hosted by GN. We had two main focus areas for the day:
Outsourcing and change management
Building, managing and inspiring outsourcing teams

In order to really get “under the hood” of outsourcing and change management, we continued our work with GN’s Project Gazelle. Of particular interest was:
Stakeholder group change; and
Changing the approach to partners and suppliers, namely by focusing on selection and structuring relationships

Our break-out groups focused on identifying necessary change for four key stakeholder groups including R&D, Commodity Management and Product Marketing Management. We also grappled with how GN might consider structuring more deliberate vendor/partner relationships as opposed to the more ad-hoc approach now being used.

In the afternoon session, we turned our attention to the art of managing diverse and distant teams. Anne-Marie Søderberg, from CBS and a visiting professor at the Indian Institute in Bangalore, made a presentation on the challenges and benefits of global collaboration with a particular focus on how people with different cultural backgrounds can be enabled to work together. Using Anne-Marie’s presentation as a springboard, we had Henrik Rasmussen from FLSAirtech along with Claus Holm of GN kick off a discussion about their organizations’ experiences working across cultures.

Our breakout group discussion for the balance of the day looked more broadly at how organizations can manage and inspire outsourcing teams. We covered quite a bit of ground from more broad topics such as how to identify shared goals and build trust to very granular items such as specific tools to support this work.

All in all, it was a comprehensive and engaging slate for our network.