TON Program Highlights: Maersk Tankers Process Improvements and Governance

June 3, 2013

At our final program of this season’s TON (The Outsourcing Network) on May 28, 2013, we had a great presentation by Pernille Bychdorf-Pedersen, Head of Offshoring, Mærsk Tankers which focused on process improvements and governance. We got an in-depth look at the way in which Mærsk Global Service Center serves its various Mærsk clients and in this case, Tankers. It’s clear that leveraging the competencies of Mærsk’s GSC is an advantage for Mærsk Tankers as it allows them to capitalize upon the GSC’s BPO and knowledge-intensive core competencies. We learned about Mærsk’s migration framework which is a standard and scalable approach for outsourcing and offshoring including governance models, SOPs, SLAs and KPIs. Utilizing this standard approach allows the GSC’s clients, in this case, Mærsk Tankers, to quickly and efficiently supply resources, competencies and processes to its organization. It was illustrative to hear that despite the detailed and stringent standardization particularly with the partnership model, there are opportunities for customization within the joint-venture model that make it quite suited to capitalizing upon more knowledge-intensive areas of outsourcing and offshoring.