From vendor management to partnering

September 25, 2013

Later this fall (November 21), our TON (The Outsourcing/Offshoring Network) will take a look at the spectrum of outsourcing relationships from vendor management to partnering. Over the course of the day, we will look closely at the vendor management organizational function as it exits at several companies in our market. We are particularly interested in learning how and if the function differs based on the industry. We will also spend a bit of time understanding the kinds of competencies that organizations really should be developing in order to best manage vendors in order to deliver better outcomes. Critical to the issue of vendor management is the issue of conflict resolution and escalation. How is it that we do/should resolve issues across organizations? Is it possible to do so without resorting to the contract? How is it that some suppliers can move/be moved from mere vendor management to partnering? Why and under what conditions would this be desirable? How and why should/do companies switch vendors? How can IP be protected: How do companies balance access to critical information and the need to protect trade secrets? Are certain kinds of partnering better suited to do so?

Our host, Carlsberg, will come with several cases to illustrate the issues above as will Dansk Bank and other members from our network. We will be developing the precise agenda over the fall.  For more information on TON, please continue reading here.