From Vendor Management to Partnering: TON Program 3

November 26, 2013

Thanks to all of our contributors and our hosts, Carlsberg, for making last week’s TON program such a great success.

We kicked off the day with an in-depth look at Carlsberg’s decision to switch from IBM as a single vendor to TCS and a multi-vendor model. Along with the switch in vendors and model, Carlsberg has articulated a clear policy of employing standard solutions in every possible case; the exception being where a customized solution would give the organization a business advantage. These decisions mean that Carlsberg has taken service integration back into the organization and demand that Carlsberg adapt its organization to be able to manage the changes.

Carlsberg’s CIO, Lars Vestergaard, gave our group some insight to the strategy behind these decisions while John Söderström, Carlsberg’s Technology Sourcing Lead then took us through the consequences and realities of implementing them. Rounding out our detailed look at the fundamental changes afoot at Carlsberg, Thomas Steinmetz, Carlsberg’s (relatively) new Head of IT Vendor Management discussed the necessity, vision and plans for creating the vendor management function.

Providing a detailed and relevant counter-balance to Carlsberg’s foray into vendor management, Jørgen Debois, Head of Vendor Management at Ferring Pharmaceuticals, presented the approach and structure of Ferring’s own vendor management. The pharma industry has long had a more formalized approach to organizational vendor management than most industries so although the specific context is clinical and non-clinical R&D the extensive experience in vendor management is nonetheless rich in inspiration for our network members.

Our challenges session for the program included Hasse Kromann, Head R&D Partnership Management, Research & Innovation, LEO Pharma; and Elo Bromer, IT Chef, Danish Crown. Hasse brought the challenge of avoiding the dependency pit of strategic partnerships; while Elo brought the challenge of handling Danish Crown’s print/copy and telephony cross-national agreements.

Our day came to an end with Peter Halskov Vestergaard, First VP, IT Service Management, Technology & Operations, Danske Bank, giving his perspective on getting suppliers from “red to green” by using performance measurements which are able to be used across the portfolio(s). Peter introduced a provocative concept of “social constructivism” in that value emerges from action, even chaotic action; an interesting counterpoint to traditional systems thinking regularly seen in project management.

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