IAOP-Logo_ShortTagThe Nordic Chapter of the IAOP will encourage thoughtful and productive dialogue regarding outsourcing across the Nordic Region.

The chapter:

Will support organizations in the region in developing their competencies to work with external resources, partners and suppliers.


Has been launched in Copenhagen, Denmark and as it expands, it will focus on regional realities with the idea of being as contextually relevant both strategically and operationally for the members of our local communities.

The IAOP is:

A global membership-based organization for customers, providers and advisors focused on improving outsourcing outcomes.


The largest and fastest growing network of outsourcing professionals in the world.

Leadership Team &
Executive Advisory Board

Chapter Chair: Katie Gove, Trellis


Ole Horsfeldt, Gorrissen Federspiel

Peter Ankerstjerne, ISS

Jesper Mikkelsen, ISG

Bo Lund Rosenlund Deloitte

Klaus Koefoed, Accenture

Previous presentations
and panel topics

    • Contract management of managed services–provider and customer perspectives.
    • Security in an outsourced environment.

    • The Battle of the Bands!!!
    • Trends in outsourcing and offshoring
    • Vendor management and sourcing governance

    • The future of work
    • Innovation and outsourcing
    • Managing cross cultural teams
    • Trends in outsourcing governance

    • The changing shape of organizational sourcing
    • Beyond the contract: Measuring and evaluating outsourcing relationships
    • The hidden costs of offshoring/outsourcing: Applied governance mechanisms and outcomes of offshoring
    • Proactive governance models: An introduction to proactive remedies
    • Real-life commercial pitfalls of contract negotiations and governance–Case: IT operations outsourcing
    • Calibrating and using Service Levels efficiency
    • New Outsourcing Business Models: ISS & Nordea’s Move to an Output-Based Model
    • Building Good Vendor Relationships: DSB’s Story

    • Macro Trends in Outsourcing
    • Multisourcing
    • The Strategic Use of Benchmarking in Outsourcing
    • Tales from the Trenches: The Limits of Outsourcing

    • Embedding brand in your outsourcing relationship
    • Obtaining value in knowledge-intensive outsourcing
    • Creating sustainable value in IT and BPO outsourcing
    • Building and maintaining productive outsourcing relationships
    • Culture’s impact on successful outsourcing

our next meeting: September 6, 2017


We foster knowledge sharing and networking among outsourcing decision-makers and practitioners in the Nordic region. We’d like to invite you to our chapter meetings.


Note: You do not need to be a member to attend.


Save the date: IAOP Nordic Chapter

IAOP meeting | September 6, 2017


We are pleased to invite you to the next IAOP Nordic Chapter meeting. 


Program: Robotics and Automation--What's Real and What's Hype


Confirmed speakers:

  • Bent Dalager, Partner-NewTech and Financial Services Nordic, KPMG
    • KPMG's NewTech practice deals exclusively with cutting edge technologies, including robotics, machine learning, AI, AR, as well as IoT; and focuses on "consulting by doing." 


Stay tuned, we're in the process of confirming a customer organisation or two for the program. We expect to have those details on the other side of the Danish summer break. 🙂


Date and location

September 6, 2017 Gorrissen Federspiel, Axel Towers 2, Axeltorv, Copenhagen, Denmark



To attend, please RSVP. You can do so directly on the IAOP’s web site by following this link. Alternatively, you can send an email to Jeannette Ingemann at: jin@gorrissenfederspiel.com or Katie Gove at kg@trellis.dk.


Our IAOP network meetings are open and free to attend. We just ask that you sign up so that we can more accurately gauge attendance. You do not need to be a member to attend.


Our 2017 dates. All meetings start at 15.00
  • March 1 at Gorrissen Federspiel, HC Andersen Blvd 12, København
  • September 6 at Gorrissen Federspiel, Axel Towers 2, Axeltorv, København
  • November 14, 2017 at ISS Headquarters, Buddingevej 197, Søborg
  • And please note that the IAOP will be holding a European Summit in Copenhagen in Spring 2018. Click here for more details.
   We hope to see you there!

Previous Presenters and Panel Participants

Jeff Gravenhorst - CEO, ISS
Casper Isager Hansen - ISS
Gitte Andersen - Signal Architects
René Herlaar - Head of Networks, Vodafone
Lydia Bals - Head of Procurement Solutions - Bayer CropScience
Katie Gove - Managing Director, Trellis
Tue Goldschmeiding - Gorrissen Federspiel
Jørn Rasmussen - Consultant, Pathios
Bent Petersen - Professor, Copenhagen Business School
Torben Pedersen, Professor, Copenhagen Business School
Majken Schutzbach - Head of Facility Management, Nordea
Lasse Beck - Contract Manager, ISS
Rene Munk-Nissen - CIO, DSB

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