Outsourcing/offshoring strategy & alignment

Partly via a workshop and partly via interviews combined with research, this product will deliver an outsourcing strategy as well as a robust review and assessment of ongoing activities. Output includes an action plan for handling all outsourcing and offshoring relationships under discussion.

Building new business models for outsourcing

Suitable for companies which have executed the strategy and alignment work, this service offering enables companies to build contextually appropriate business models for partnering.

Benchmarking snapshot

Trellis’ benchmarking Snapshot service provides a customized view of how your company’s outsourcing efforts perform across a series of relevant indicators including time and cost savings, satisfaction and connection to business strategy as well as many others.

Creating a value-add partnership

A cooperative process including a workshop with the sponsor and supplier at which they acknowledge strategic goals, build a common partnership strategy, and agree on critical success factors as well as evaluation and performance measurements.

Identifying targets and opportunities workshop

Broad and comprehensive survey and evaluation of current processes executed by your company in order to identify good candidates for partnering, outsourcing or development.

One-team (distributed teams)

You have resources in Denmark along with at least one other location which need to work together as one-team to deliver projects. This is not as easy as it seems and it challenges accepted project management models. We can work with you to adapt your organization’s processes to the chosen resource distribution.

Outsourcing/offshoring strategy workshop

Working through a proven facilitated process, Trellis will help your organization to set strategic goals for outsourcing and or offshoring along with the necessary and relevant critical success factors for them. With the strategy in place, we will then build an implementation plan.

Evaluation and performance measurement framework development

Together, we will build an evaluation framework based on critical success criteria relevant for your company based on your business and outsourcing/offshoring strategies. The output includes the process framework for managing the ongoing evaluation necessary for sustaining these critical relationships.

Outsourcing roadmap

Your strategy is clear but making it happen has been a challenge. Together we can work through our proven processes which will help your organization to make priorities and structure the implementation plan.