TON is Denmark’s only cross-industry, cross-functional network that focuses on outsourcing and offshoring.


We hold five full day programs plus one social occasion each year. Each meeting is a world-class learning program that provides a robust foundation for member networking and experience sharing.


Our goal is to surface practices, methodologies and processes that can help our members to improve outcomes in outsourcing and offshoring.

Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and Danmarks Teknisk Universtitet (DTU) are on our Academic Advisory Board and are actively committed to our network.


CBS’ participation in TON is directly connected to CBS’ “business-in-society” strategy in that their mission is not simply to communicate their insights but to develop open, two-way relationships with students, collaborators and stakeholders, of which the business community in our market is clearly a critical one.


DTU’s Executive MBA Program, from which our academic advisors come, likewise, is committed to building a firm bridge between operational practitioners and applied research.

Organizations with some
outsourcing activities.



Organizations that need to
improve their ability to
work with outsourcing.


Organizations that want to
obtain more value from their
external value chain.


All industries are relevant
for our network.



    • Outsourcing Strategy and Context
    • Developing and Orchestrating Value And Partnerships
    • Deciding What and Why to Outsource and/or Offshore
    • The Boundaries of Outsourcing
    • Building, Managing and Inspiring Distributed Project Teams
    • Defining Outsourcing Business Requirements
    • Optimizing Communications
    • Governance
    • Process Improvements and Maturity
    • The challenges of renegotiation
    • Strategic Agility in our Globalized Economy
    • Proactive Remedies
    • Stakeholder Alignment Processes
    • Change Management
    • Strategy Formulation
    • Building Outsourcing Business Cases
    • Measuring and Evaluating
    • Enabling distributed teams
    • Carlsberg–The Strategy Behind and the Consequences of Switching Vendors (From IBM to TCS)
    • FLSmidth Airtech–The Offshoring Journey
    • Novozymes–Establishing Offshore Production and Support Services in India
    • Carlsberg–Systematic Measurements and KPIs
    • Danfoss Power Electronics–The Outsourcing Journey
    • Danfoss Automated Controls–“Core & Clear”: Flexibility & Agility via Outsourcing
    • LEO R&D–Building the Outsourcing Business Case
    • Takeda–Multisourcing and the Business Model Learning Curve
    • IO Interactive–The Learning Curve of Partnering Models
    • GN–Moving from Ad-Hoc to Strategic ODM Outsourcing
    • Coloplast–2 Cases, 2 Decisions: Outsourcing and Insourcing
    • Danske Bank–Supplier Management
    • Maconomy/Deltek–Exiting Outsourcing
    • Mærsk Tankers–The Offshoring and Outsourcing Journey



  • To facilitate openness while protecting business interests, we will all sign NDAs
  • We hold five full-day programs plus one social occasion each year; the meetings will be hosted by our network members. This is not obligatory but is strongly encouraged.
  • The work-load is anticipated to be primarily participating in the sessions themselves. This may include occasionally preparing presentations.

Membership options


3.999 dkk (eks moms)

One-day guest pass for those evaluating membership.

17.599 dkk (eks moms)

Individual membership
1 seat

13.599 dkk (eks moms)

for a second individual membership in the organization

39.999 dkk (eks moms)

Organizational membership
4 seats at each TON program for the organization.
This is the best option for organizations wishing to strengthen internal outsourcing networks.


why join TON?

For your investment, you will get:


  • A network spanning industries and functions
  • A portfolio of cases that will provide insight and learning not available elsewhere
  • Inspiration from professionals that will help you to improve your own outsourcing and offshoring work
  • Access to tools and processes that organizations in our market have used to improve outcomes
  • Sparring for challenges confronting your organization’s efforts in outsourcing and offshoring
  • Time to develop meaningful conversations & connections
  • Access to the latest in academic research and theory via our partnership with CBS’ Center for Strategic Management & Globalization and DTU's Executive School of Business


  • Building appropriate outsourcing strategies,
  • Deciding what to outsource and why,
  • Defining and obtaining value in outsourcing,
  • Assessing and mitigating risks associated with outsourcing,
  • Establishing governance and managing resources involved in outsourcing,
  • Implementing change management to support the outsourcing efforts, and
  • Communicating the vision, value, and changes involved in outsourcing.


facilitator_katieKATIE GOVE



Katie has over 20 years experience upon which to draw from within the areas of outsourcing, partnering, strategy development, innovation and knowledge management. Katie is Managing Director at Trellis, a globalization advisory that helps organizations to achieve better outcomes in outsourcing and offshoring.

Trellis has worked with more than 100 organizations to bring strategic thinking and planning to their outsourciung, offshoring and globalization efforts. The network will leverage this experience for the  benefit of the organizations participating in our network.

facilitator_peterPETER ORBERG JENSEN



Peter's research specializes on the global sourcing of advanced and high-value services and technical functions, and the managerial, organizational and contractual aspects related to the sourcing arrangements between firms from advanced, high-cost economies, e.g. Denmark, and firms from emerging economies, e.g. India. Peter's careea track record includes 11 years in business consulting in the Danish firm Ramboll Management, during 2000-2006 as Chief Consultant, and a 3-year assignment at United Nations Development Programme's HQ in New York(1996-99). His research is published internationally in highly ranked journals, and he serves as an academic reviewer for a range of internationl journals in the business and management fields.
Peter will provide the network a critical link to the latest.





Innovation in networks in the maritime industry.
Challenges for innovation in the maritime industry, 25th Annaul Conference of the Production and Operations Management Society, 2014, Atlanta, GA Deployment of vendor capabilities and competences throughout the outsourcing process. Teaching OM at an Action-based Learning program for Top Executives, Proceedings of the 24th annual conference of the Production and Operations Management Society POMS, 2014, Production and Operations Management Society.